Useful Tips On Picking Out Necessary Elements For Job Negotiation

job negotiation

Jennie Baker Photography/Courtesy of WBUR Dear Sugars, I’m nearing my mid-40s and hitting my milestones pretty much on mark: bifocals, slower physical recovery, nocturnal bathroom visits and now, gray hair. I’m accepting most of this, well, because I have no choice. One of these items is a choice, though: what to do about the gray hair. I’m not a particularly vain person and the slippery slope of coloring doesn’t appeal to me because of the cost, hassle and upkeep. I don’t like the telltale gray at the scalp and I think it’s weird when people stop coloring suddenly and go completely gray. helpful resourcesThe gradual, natural transition to gray seems much more appealing. That said, I don’t want to accelerate from “young for my age” to getting asked for the senior discount. My question is: Could you help me sort through the personal and societal aspects of gray hair and give some advice on how to be at peace with whatever route I go? I know this isn’t the heart-rending conundrum you usually address, but it’s my personal conundrum. If I were gray in my 20s, the choice to color would be easy (I’d do it!). But at what point do you accept the gray as something you’ve earned rather than something to hide?

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Be honest! Don’t use this as a trick to negotiate a higher wage. Quantify Your Value and Performance: Mention your value in quantifiable terms, such as how much money you saved your company and how your projects increased revenues by X thousands of dollars, Gioia says. You never know when you might need a recommendation from the employer you’re leaving, so keep your resignation kind. Could you do something about it?” You may be able to find this out with some goggle searches – but if not, recruiters and staffing agencies in your field are also good sources for this kind of info. Make sure you know what job the company has compared yours to, and understand any discrepancies between their idea of your level and your own. Can we discuss the offer again in a week?” Tip: Enter your city or province in the “where” box to show local job results e.g. This question verifies the job you’re being hired to do is the job described during the interview process—and is a job you’re capable of doing.

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