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Mr. Nassida, former president of Century III Home Equity in the South Hills, was head of what federal authorities have described as an incubator of mortgage fraud at Century III that later spawned other investigations by the U.S. attorney’s Mortgage Fraud Task Force. His sister, Janna Nassida, who was his second-in-command at Century III, is also set to go on trial with him. Jury selection is expected to resume today if she is well enough to continue. Mr. Nassida, a mortgage industry veteran who started Century III, is accused of orchestrating a scheme using fake documents to fool lenders into making millions of dollars in loans. He and Janna Nassida are charged with conspiring with others to submit inflated borrower incomes and assets on loan applications from 2002 to 2008. Prosecutors say Mr. Nassida used the proceeds from his schemes to finance a fancy lifestyle, which includes his $1.3 million home, a $500,000 vacation home, an Aston Martin car and other luxuries. An array of Mr.

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selection process

Some of the release forms must be signed by your spouse or estranged spouse, cohabitant, or fiancée. Next, the Chair should outline the format of the interview so that the candidate is aware of what is going to happen. A job reference may be the most effective way to learn about dependability, follow through, and ability to get along with co-workers. Candidates are expected to use common sense and good judgement and to make assumptions they believe are appropriate in responding to the hypothetical situations. The tone of voice and delivery pauses or hesitancy may indicate that additional questioning is necessary. Similarity Effect occurs when an evaluator rates a candidate based on characteristics the appraiser sees in themselves. hiring manager will usually select someone with whom she can work, whether it is the candidate’s personality or work ethic. That’s easily several books worth of tips and tricks, hints and hacks, calls to arms and applications, Bea culpas and hakuna matatas.  What makes you feel that way?

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