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Hes not stupid and Im guessing hes read enough to know that science isnt simply a slow accretion of facts; that its also about having arguments about those facts, and about asking how reliable they are and what they mean. So lets have that argument. Or, better yet, lets try to find some common ground. interviewThe crux seems to be Newmans assertion that scientists are pessimistic about people and have made vast and belittling claims about human life. Reading between the lines, I think I know what he means. And I sympathise. Robert Newman: Scientists think were all stupid. The universe discovered by science appears vast, impersonal and purposeless. And human beings, we now know, evolved on this planet mostly by accident, and live and breathe and have their being thanks to the complex operations of cells and molecules that, despite all the progress, we are still a long way from figuring out completely. The cosmological expansion of the universe and the relentless reductionism of the life sciences have certainly changed how we see our place in the world.

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